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My name is Francesco Muntoni and I live in Sardinia in the beautiful area of Ogliastra. For many years I have practised outdoor sports such as kayaking and walking and also the mountain bike.

My enthusiasm for riding surrounded by beautiful Nature and the satisfaction this gives me led me to become a Guida di Mountain bike of the accademia Nazionale di Mtb.

Once I had become a Guide, I decided to propose mountain bike rides as a service to lovers of mountain biking and tourists, helped by Ogliastra’s landscape, naturally suited to this type of activity.


The name Ogliastra for some people comes from many thousand of years old olive trees, “olivastri”, that are found here; for others it comes from the name "Agugliastra”, a rock pinnacle overlooking the sea. Ogliastra is located in the centre of Sardinia’s east coast, and looks out onto the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ogliastra is an unspoilt territory, with mountains, high plateaus, plains, lakes and woods, and the crystal-clear sea, long beaches, small bays and long cliffs.
Ogliastra is the mountain biker’s ideal habitat. Rides that are all different, difficult or easier routes, mountain panoramas or views of the coastline with its unique colours and smells. Ogliastra’s suitability for biking is confirmed by the numerous two-wheeled sporting events held here during the year.


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