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Locality: Monte Ferru
Municipality: Cardedu, Gairo
Category: A to A
Difficulty: medium-expert
Total distance: 27,0 km
Time: 5 hours
Surface: tarmac, dirt road, cement
Starting point: bivio Monte Ferru, 85m slm
PRICE € 30,00

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This ride takes us to one of the most charming corners of Ogliastra and is interesting not only for the unusual countryside but also for the variety of plants and animals you can see.
We start along the tarmaced road from the junction for Monte Ferru and head towards the Marina di Gairo Cardedu and Perde Pera. Easy pedalling takes you along the coast road as far as the area for campervans near to the beach "la Spiaggetta". From here you continue on the road, climbing and admiring on the left the charming beach of “Su Sirboni” with its clear water whose various shades of blue are created by the reflections of the sunlight on the sea bed. We continue until we reach the Coccorocci beach, Sardinia’s largest pebble beach, whose pebbles are grey, red and greenish. After admiring the beach we ride back up the steep climb to reach the pass "Arcu e Sa Porta" from where we can admire the entire Ogliastra coast. We turn off the asphalt road along a “strada sterrata” (unmade road) which goes down to the natural pools formed by water from Monte Ferru and which are classified as a Site of Community Importance, (SIC in Italian).
We go back to the main sterrato and continue to climb to reach the col "Colle Genna Didu", from which we can admire the Golfo della Marina di Tertenia and go to visit the Nuraghe “Genna Didu". We then follow the sterrato, climbing to reach the area known as "Conca de is Crabas" with its wind-sculpted rocks and contour around the summit of Monte Ferru to take a turnoff to the left which leads to the Forestry lookout point. Here we can rest and admire the wild landscape with a view over most of the coast. We go back to the cement road between the rocks moulded by the wind and the vegetation comprised of woods of holm oak, lentisc, juniper and corbezzolo (Strawberry Tree) until we reach a spring and a picnic area, from which it’s just a short ride back to the asphalted road and the starting point.


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